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Complete guide to online payments with Cardinity

2021 September 14


Complete guide to online payments with Cardinity

Wondering what you need to accept payments on your website? Internet is filled with excessive information, so finding what really matters can sometimes be hard. So, we put everything you need to know about online payments on websites and e-shops in this complete guide to online payments.


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“Complete guide to online payments with Cardinity” e-book is for those who want to learn about credit and debit card payments and how to successfully sell using this method. We hope that information found on this e-book will help you decide whether credit and debit card payment method is for you.

In the guide you will find:

  1. Before registration.
    • Introduction to Cardinity.
    • Merchant requirements – am I eligible for online payments.
  2. Step-by-step registration process.
    • from filling in the registration form to signing the agreement.
  3. After registration.
    • Integration guide – to accept payments online you will have to integrate Cardinity to your eshop.
    • Cardinity account area.
    • Cheatsheet – all the necessary links and contacts to successfully sell via credit and debit cards.

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