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9 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Win More Customers

2018 November 26


9 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Win More Customers

CHRISTMAS is around the corner! You can feel it in the atmosphere just by looking at the storefronts. During November and December shoppers usually look for Christmas ideas and gifts. So why won’t you help them find the best Christmas decorations and presents online by offering your products?

You may be thinking how to motivate buyers to choose your e-shop among many of your competitors. The ideas listed in this blog post were collected to help your e-business stand out and attract more customers.

Let’s look at the most effective ways of increasing conversions and customer retention during the Christmas season.

Christmas marketing ideas, infographic

Christmas bundles

As a present, you can offer not only single luxurious items but also packages consisting of several products from the same or different categories. You can take your chance and prepare special holiday edition bundles which are exclusive to this time of the year. If you are a seller of groceries and beverages, you can offer packages of foods and drinks that usually combine well, such as wine with cheese, tea with gingerbread cookies, or coffee with chocolate. It is especially beneficial for subscription services not to miss such an opportunity and create a special Holiday season, Winter edition or Christmas subscription box. The ideas for creating Christmas bundles are infinite; make the most of it.

Special and personalized deals

Customers tend to research and bookmark different websites before making the final purchase decision. This is an excellent chance for you to offer a personalized deal, so a customer would buy from you. You can introduce your online store and your product line by creating a gift catalogue and sending it to your potential customer database. You may also include daily special deals in the emails. Your buyers will probably return to your store if they know that there’s a new deal waiting for them every day. Another way to engage with your previous customers is through email retargeting and abandoned cart reminders.

Social media marketing

The Christmas season is a period when people become closer to one another and tend to spend time together. It is also the time for sellers to become closer to their customers and to develop a friendly long-term relationship with them. One of the best means of communication, in this case, is through social media. There are many ways of engaging your customers, including Christmas related posts, images, videos, surveys, and more. For example, you can create an informative video showing your customers how to prepare and wrap their presents. You can also consider Christmas giveaways, competitions and product spotlights. The direct way of attracting visitors to your e-shop is through social media exclusive discounts for followers.

Christmas keywords

If you are planning to run ad campaigns, make them Christmas related. Since people are searching for gifts, decorations, and limited offers, you can take this opportunity and target such keywords as Christmas gifts, gift ideas, Christmas offers, Christmas specials, and similar ones. Check which keywords work best for your business and look at their monthly search volumes. You can also use such online tools as LSI Graph and Keyword Finder to check what other related keywords you can use.

Christmas landing page

If you are going to promote your e-shop and run advertisements during the holiday season, make sure you direct your potential customer to the right landing page. If you develop an outstanding Christmassy web page, there is a greater chance that visitors will stay longer and be more interested in your products. Consider adding festive and winter design elements, such as ribbons, snowflakes, illustrations of Santa and deer. Do not forget about Christmas colours: white, red, green and golden.

Fast and smooth purchases

With regard to your website, you should also ensure it is stable and loads quickly. Remember that shoppers are in a rush to complete all the preparations before Christmas and buy the best presents. That is why nobody wants to stay on a slow website and wait for all the images to load. Do not disregard the importance of mobile purchases as well. Make sure your online store functions properly on all mobile devices. The checkout process should also be as smooth as possible. Therefore, prepare enough stock in advance. If some of the items are running low, note them as low stock or selling fast to inform your customers before they enter the checkout.

Friendly and quick customer support

The traffic to your website will certainly increase right before and during Christmas. On the one hand, it will boost your sales and profit. On the other hand, it means more work for you because you should be ready to answer all support questions, emails and phone calls. If you see that some of the questions or enquiries are constantly repeated, consider creating email templates to speed up the process. This way you won’t be wasting your time, while your customers will be happy to receive instant replies.

Creative gift packaging

Even an ordinary household item can be turned into a perfect Christmassy gift if wrapped festively. You can surprise your customers by wrapping and decorating their orders or offering them different gift packaging to choose. In addition, you can include postcards with a Christmas greeting. These cards may feature an exclusive discount motivating your customers to make more purchases on your website in the future. Alternatively, you can add a small gift as a sign of appreciation which will make your customers feel valued.

Christmas delivery

To make your customers and their gift recipients happy, offer shipping before holidays. Many people search for Christmas presents the very last minute, so you can help them out and provide the fastest delivery possible. Don’t forget to notify them of the last day when this offer is valid. If your customers make purchases after this particular date, they should be informed that their orders will be delivered only after the holiday period. Additionally, you can offer free shipping for a limited time for your local customers to increase their interest in your products.

These are only some of the ways which can help you provide the best shopping experience during the holiday season. In addition, these tips can help you increase the base of your customers who will be more likely to return to your e-shop in the future.

Feel free to add other ideas which worked for you in the comments below!

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