cardinity registration process

Cardinity Registration Process Step By Step

2020 October 30 Other 0 Comments

To begin with, let’s figure out why you might be interested in Cardinity services and who can find them useful. So, Cardinity is a licensed payment institution offering credit and debit card payment processing services for various online business, from regular e-commerce websites to more high-risk industries. That means, if you have some sort of ...

How Payment Features Can Help Retain Customers?

2020 August 7 Other 0 Comments

Attracting new customers is not an easy task in itself, but retaining the already existing buyers could be even more difficult. Marketers offer a variety of methods to do that – from referral programs to newsletters and promo codes. However, have you ever considered that adding some payment features can also help maintain an on-going ...

Cardinity - payment processing provider

Happy Birthday, Cardinity!

Today, January 28, marks the birthday of Cardinity as a project! You may be asking, why Cardinity? What does it mean? Cardinity is a blended term created from two words cards and infinity. So, the name indicates that we offer an online payment solution for those who want to accept various credit and debit cards ...

Christmas ideas to attract customers

9 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Win More Customers

2018 November 26 E-Commerce Other 0 Comments

CHRISTMAS is around the corner! You can feel it in the atmosphere just by looking at the storefronts. During November and December shoppers usually look for Christmas ideas and gifts. So why won’t you help them find the best Christmas decorations and presents online by offering your products? You may be thinking how to motivate ...

Why SSL a must

Why Is SSL a Must for Every E-Shop?

Millions of people worldwide prefer buying goods and services without stepping out of their homes. The number of e-сommerce websites is constantly increasing as well as the need for secure online card payments. E-shops are not difficult to set up, but every seller has to deal with the challenge of ensuring data protection and winning ...