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Why do online card payments fail?

2022 March 14 Other Payment security

Usually online transactions are processed successfully, but sometimes payments can fail. Payment processing flow includes multiple role players and each can be responsible for a transaction failure. Online card transaction failures are usually beyond merchant control. However, there are certain actions a merchant can take in order to complete a transaction or prevent transaction failures ...

Why Should You Use CAPTCHA on a Website?

Why Should You Use CAPTCHA on a Website?

2022 January 12 Other Payment security

CAPTCHA forms are a common feature of many websites and can protect your website from bots  If you’re a regular internet user then the chances are you’ll have come across CAPTCHA form when accessing websites. Commonly used when you sign-up for a new service, make an account, log in or leave a comment, CAPTCHA forms ...

secure payment fraud

How to Secure Your Website From Payment Fraud?

2021 December 20 E-Commerce Other Payment security

Cybercrime and payment fraud are on the rise but luckily there are various steps you can take to help secure your ecommerce website. The ecommerce industry is booming. With more online stores available than ever before, online shoppers have access to everything they could ever want with just a click of a button. As the ...

how to identify potential fraud

How to identify potential fraud? Quick video guide

2021 November 23 Payment security Video

Recently we covered how to ensure your website security how to protect your business from fraudulent activity, however, it is also important to identify potential fraud and act accordingly to prevent damages that it may cost. There are many more ways to identify fraud. We suggest to pay attention to every order made on your ...


How to ensure your website security?

2021 October 26 Payment security

Website security has never been more important as e-commerce market continues to grow year after year. Everyday fraudsters and scammers breach websites’ security for their own benefit. Far too many merchants invest nothing in security until it is too late. The damages done by fraudsters and scammers can devastate your ecommerce business. In this article, ...

Cardinity Certified as a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider

2021 January 5 Payment security

Cardinity, a credit and debit card payment processing service provider, completes PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 Service Provider Certification. Transitioning from PCI DSS Level 2 to PCI DSS Level 1 requires a lot of preparation and resources. As Cardinity complies with the rigorous PCI standard, online merchant using Cardinity services can be ...

update to cardinity api

Major Update to Cardinity API and Launch of 3D Secure 2.0

2020 October 5 Integration Payment security

We would like to inform you that Cardinity is currently working on the API update and the implementation of the new 3D Secure 2.0. According to the European Council requirements for  Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), some necessary changes are imposed on the payment industry. All payment processors must comply with the new EU regulations and ...

fraud notifications vs chargeback notifications

Fraud Notifications vs. Chargeback Notifications: Need-to-Know

2020 October 2 Chargebacks Payment security

Fraud and chargebacks are often directly related, as chargebacks may be caused by fraudulent activity. However, they do not necessarily come together. This blog post will help you understand the difference between fraud notifications and chargeback notifications and know when you may receive one or the other. What is fraud? In the financial industry, fraud ...

Signs of ecommerce fraud

6 Signs of E-Commerce Fraud You Should Recognize

As the number of online shops and online sales volumes have grown exponentially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, fraudsters have also become more active. There has been a significant increase in friendly e-commerce fraud, phishing activities and identity theft. Therefore, merchants should be very cautious and monitor orders carefully. Just by tracking customers’ ...