Cardinity becomes MasterCard Principal Member

Cardinity Becomes Principal Member of MasterCard

2021 February 9 Payments 0 Comments

Cardinity is proud to announce that since February 2021 we have been granted the Principal Member status from MasterCard. It is a vital step in securing our place as one of the main payment service providers in the region. This partnership enables Cardinity to become more autonomous in innovating payments products and further reduces dependencies ...

Cardinity for dropshipping business

How to accept card payments as a dropshipper?

2020 November 20 E-Commerce Payments 0 Comments

If some time ago one was considering dropshippers to be on a boom, now their number has skyrocketed. That alone isn’t a good or a bad thing in itself, that simply means that more and more dropshipping businesses are on a lookout for a payment service provider. However, finding it usually turns out to be ...


What Is a High Risk Merchant Account?

Each business that applies for a merchant account is evaluated and determined whether it is low risk or high risk. The main difference is that payment providers monitor high risk merchants more strictly and charge higher costs. Low risk merchants can operate cheaper and more freely. Why are risks important for payment service providers? You ...

card payments online

Points to Consider Before Accepting Card Payments Online

2020 February 12 Payments 0 Comments

A large number of online merchants, especially those focused on the international market, choose credit and debit cards as a payment method for their business. For buyers, card payments seem to be a quick and easy process, as they only need to enter their card details. However, you, an online merchant, should get to know ...

A Quick Guide for Online Dating Merchants

2020 February 4 E-Commerce Payments 0 Comments

As everyday life shifts more and more into the online world, dating has travelled to the web as well. Nowadays, finding a date on an app/website is more common than meeting someone “the old-fashioned way”. There is plenty of different types of dating-related websites/apps, but some of them could be quite ambiguous offering misleading services. ...

credit card processing

How Card Processing Works: Payment Flow Explained

2019 November 19 E-Commerce Payments 0 Comments

You go to the checkout, enter your card details, and, voilà, your order is on the way to you. However, the process that looks so easy from the customers’ perspective is actually very elaborate. This blog post explains card processing in a simplified way. In order to accept payments from customers, an online shop needs a payment gateway, ...