A Quick Guide for Online Dating Merchants

2020 February 4 E-Commerce Payments

As everyday life shifts more and more into the online world, dating has travelled to the web as well. Nowadays, finding a date on an app/website is more common than meeting someone “the old-fashioned way”. There is plenty of different types of dating-related websites/apps, but some of them could be quite ambiguous offering misleading services. ...

credit card processing

How Card Processing Works: Payment Flow Explained

2019 November 19 E-Commerce Payments

You go to the checkout, enter your card details, and, voilà, your order is on the way to you. However, the process that looks so easy from the customers’ perspective is actually very elaborate. This blog post explains card processing in a simplified way. In order to accept payments from customers, an online shop needs a payment gateway, ...

accept card payments

Why Online Businesses Should Accept Card Payments

2019 November 8 E-Commerce Payments

An online business without card payments is like a car with three wheels – it does not run properly. Your e-shop might not last long only with bank transfers and cash on delivery while your competitors accept card payments. So, you should not hesitate to implement this option in your e-shop as well. The main reasons ...

mastercard chargeback reasons

Guide to MasterCard Chargeback Reason Codes

2019 October 21 Chargebacks Payments

We introduced Visa chargeback reasons in one of our previous blog posts. Similarly to Visa, Mastercard has its special codes for chargeback reasons. Mastercard chargebacks are classified into 4 categories: Authorization, Cardholder disputes, Fraud, and Point-of-Interaction errors. This article will focus on the most frequent Mastercard chargeback reasons to help you understand them better. Authorization-related ...

Chargeback ratio

Important: Visa and MasterCard Chargeback Ratio Update

2019 October 9 Chargebacks Payments

Starting October, Visa and Mastercard have applied some changes to their chargeback prevention programs. Therefore, the chargeback ratio has now become more strict: 0.9% for Visa and 1% for MasterCard transactions. What does it mean for merchants? If your Visa chargeback ratio amounts to 0.9% or exceeds this limit, or your MasterCard chargeback ratio is 1% or ...

Website Requirements for Online Shops

2019 June 25 Payments Video

Before accepting credit and debit cards, each online store and online business must meet particular requirements set by card associations and payment service providers as well as clearly specify some important information on the website. This video shows the most important website requirements and how they can be implemented. Here is the list of the ...

Visa chargeback reasons

Visa Chargeback Reason Codes: What They Mean

In our previous blog posts, we have discussed chargebacks, how they happen, and how to prevent them. This time we want to introduce you to chargeback reasons provided by Visa. To make it easier for you to recall what chargebacks are, here is a short description of the process. When a cardholder is not happy ...

3D Secure 2.0

How 3D Secure 2.0 Ensures a Frictionless Experience

More than 15 years ago 3D Secure was first deployed by Visa with the aim to prevent unauthorized transactions. Now we look forward to its improved version – 3D Secure 2.0 or also called EMV 3-D Secure. EMVCo, an organization formed by American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, and Visa, developed the 3D Secure 2.0 ...

Cardinity - payment processing provider

Happy Birthday, Cardinity!

2019 January 28 Other Partners Payments

Today, January 28, marks the birthday of Cardinity as a project! You may be asking, why Cardinity? What does it mean? Cardinity is a blended term created from two words cards and infinity. So, the name indicates that we offer an online payment solution for those who want to accept various credit and debit cards ...