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Happy Birthday, Cardinity!

2019 January 28


Happy Birthday, Cardinity!

Today, January 28, marks the birthday of Cardinity as a project! You may be asking, why Cardinity? What does it mean? Cardinity is a blended term created from two words cards and infinity. So, the name indicates that we offer an online payment solution for those who want to accept various credit and debit cards on their websites and to reach customers worldwide.

It all started with an ambitious idea to simplify the process of online payments for both sellers and buyers. Even though new payment service providers have been constantly popping up on the horizon, our founding team was not afraid to face all the possible challenges. Cardinity was developed with the intention to help online sellers open a merchant account in a couple of days. We have prepared all the necessary resources and modules for quick and simple integration. Difficulties came our way, but we have gradually learned how to tackle them, and how to provide the most secure and reliable services we can.

Our aim has always been to offer simplicity, stability, transparency and protection of card payments. What distinguishes us the most from other competitors is our responsive and friendly customer support team. We are always happy and ready to help our clients if they need our assistance. Thus, the feedback that we receive for being attentive to our merchants’ needs is priceless.

We are proud of what we have achieved. If you stay tuned, we will show you how far we can get. More modules, an easier application process and technological development are yet to come.

Remember that you can achieve your aims easier if you stay cool and brave. Thank you for supporting us and helping us grow!

Cardinity team

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