Get to know more about payment link

2024 April 16


Get to know more about payment link

In an era where cash is becoming a relic of the past and digital transactions reign supreme, the advent of payment links has revolutionized the way we exchange goods and services. Picture this: You want to sell your handmade crafts, offer freelance services, or even collect donations for a cause you’re passionate about. Instead of navigating through the complexities of setting up a traditional payment gateway or dealing with the hassle of cash transactions, you can simply generate a payment link and send it to your customers or supporters.

What is a payment link?

A payment link is a URL or QR code to a payment page so you can request and accept payments from your customers online without creating a website or checkout page. It is a fast and secure way to reach your customer anytime, anywhere. You can easily create payment link and send it to your customer to make payment for your services or products just in a few click.

How does Payment link work?

All you need is to create payment link into your Cardinity dashboard, which is created fast and easily, and sent it to your customer for paying for the particular product or service. URL is active for a certain period of time.
All payments you will see in your Cardinity account as all other usual transactions.


  • Call center. Send a link during your calls for more security.
  • Social media. Guide people into the payment flow on social media.
  • Email. Place links in emails to reduce abandoned baskets.
  • Chat and SMS. Payments right within your conversation.
  • Invoice. Add payment links to invoices to get paid directly
  • Donation. Create one link to receive multiple donations.
  • QR code. Create a QR code that points directly to checkout.

Payment links offer several advantages:

  1. Convenience: Customers can make payments quickly and easily by clicking on the link without the need to navigate through a website or app.
  2. Accessibility: Payment links can be shared across various communication channels, making it convenient for customers to access them from anywhere, anytime.
  3. Security: Sensitive payment information is protected during transmission.
  4. Flexibility: Merchants can customize payment links with specific amounts, descriptions, and other details to suit their needs.

Is it secure to use?

It is a secure way to process payments via Payment link. During the payment process, the buyer is directed to the Cardinity payment window where they can pay by card.

What customer will see?

  1. After opening the link, the customer will see a payment window.
  2. Then the buyer will have to enter the card details and confirm the payment.
  3. That’s it, the payment is made.

To sum up it is a perfect way to offer more simple way to make payments for customers. But it is also important to mention, that not all type of business is allowed to use payment links, so if you are interested if your business type is on the list, you can simply contact us by email or phone.

Overall, payment links provide a simple and efficient way for merchants to collect payments from customers without the need for complex integrations or upfront investments in payment infrastructure.

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