Website Requirements for Online Shops

2019 June 25 Payments Video

Before accepting credit and debit cards, each online store and online business must meet particular requirements set by card associations and payment service providers as well as clearly specify some important information on the website. This video shows the most important website requirements and how they can be implemented. Here is the list of the ...

How to Open a Cardinity Merchant Account?

2019 February 22 Video

Registering for a merchant account is the first and almost the most important step in order to process credit and debit card payments online. Usually, to obtain a merchant account you will have to fill in some kind of registration form online. Following this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to open a merchant account with ...

Introduction to Cardinity: Online Payment Processing Provider

2019 January 17 Video

Learn more about Cardinity by watching our new introductory video! It includes all of the essential information about Cardinity payment processing services. Within only 30 seconds, you will find out how your online business can benefit from using our services. Have a look! Enjoy!