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One-Click Payments: What Are They And How to Use Them?

2020 April 27


One-Click Payments: What Are They And How to Use Them?

One-click payments sound easy and effective, right? But what exactly are they, and how can they be used in e-commerce businesses?

So firstly, let’s define the concept and learn how to use this payment feature. One-click payments are essentially what it says on the tin – payments made with just one click of the mouse or one tap of the finger if you are using a smartphone or a tablet. However, only registered users or returning buyers can use this feature. It means the ones who have already made a purchase on your website and saved their payment data. After making an initial purchase and agreeing to use the one-click payment feature for future payments, your customers will be able to shop with just one click.

To get a better grip of the whole one-click payment process, let’s look at it step by step:

  1. Your buyer signs up on your website and makes the first purchase. At this step, the buyer has to agree to save his/her payment data for future purchases using the one-click payment feature.
  2. The card details that he/she enters (card number, first and last name of the cardholder, CVV2/CVC2, expiry date) for the initial transaction are tokenized by the Cardinity system.
  3. The reference ID of the first payment is stored on the system.
  4. Next time the customer buys in your online store and clicks on the Pay with Card button, the system uses the reference ID of the initial transaction and charges his/her card.
  5. And that’s all! With only one click, your buyer completes a payment and brings you profit.

Are one-click payments secure?

Even though all the sensitive card data is tokenized, you may still be wondering if one-click payments are actually secure. Cardinity always strives to ensure the highest payment security. That is why each website using Cardinity payment system must have an SSL certificate. It helps transmit all the shared data in a secure way. Additionally, all the shared information is always tokenized, and a payment ID is created which is later used for one-click payments. It means that no real untokenized data is saved.

Which online businesses can benefit from using the one-click payment feature?

  1. Mobile apps for in-app purchases. If you don’t want to interrupt the flow in your mobile app and redirect your user to external websites/apps, then having a one-click payment option is very useful. Users can make a payment without having to leave your app and entering credit or debit card data again.
  1. Online games. True gaming fans will appreciate how convenient and easy it is to buy anything in-game with one click only. With one-click payment feature, your users will be able to make payments with just one click of the mouse, without pausing the game and additionally entering the payment data.
  1. Membership-based businesses. Most buyers will agree that extending the membership with just one click rather than providing all the same data again is way easier.
  1. General e-commerce stores. Returning customers will appreciate the convenience and the easiness which comes with one-click shopping.

The benefits of one-click payments: 

  • It encourages impulse buyers. As one-click payments are very quick and simple, buyers do not have time to change their minds about the purchase. Also, you will not bother your buyers with a long checkout process, so the conversion rate is likely to go up.
  • Easy and simple. It couldn’t get simpler than just clicking one button, right? With one-click payment feature, you will provide maximum efficiency in the payment process which your customers will surely appreciate.
  • Saves time. One more advantage – shopping with one-click payment feature is super fast. So, it is especially convenient for products which people buy on a frequent basis or on the go.
  • Safe. Cardinity strives for the highest level of payment security. As regards one-click payments, all of the shared data is tokenized and a payment ID is created. It is later used for next purchases. Additionally, Cardinity offers other payment features such as 3D Secure payment authorization tool.

If you are looking for a solution which would make the payment process even more effective and fast for your customers, one-click payments could be a great option. Not only does this feature simplify and make the checkout process quicker, but also increases sales and therefore your profit.

Check out Cardinity website if you are looking for a secure and reliable payment service provider which offers one-click payment feature.

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