Tips and Guides for E-Commerce Websites

2018 July 5


Tips and Guides for E-Commerce Websites

Welcome to our blog about e-commerce and online payments!

You may be wondering now how you got here, and what Cardinity is. Let me, first of all, introduce you to our blog. Welcome to your new lucrative source of information about electronic commerce, payments, and online shops. Here you will find the most useful tips and guides on how to manage your online business as well as the most valuable and interesting news. This blog is perfect for owners of e-commerce websites, sellers of physical and digital products, providers of various services, and creators of mobile applications. It may also be useful for any other enthusiasts who want to expand their knowledge or spend their leisure time in a productive way. So, the ultimate goal of the Cardinity blog is to help e-businesses grow, develop, improve, and find a successful path.

What is Cardinity?

Cardinity is a payment service provider for online shops and various other websites. In other words, if you have a website where you sell your products (digital or physical) or services and need to gather payments from your customers, Cardinity can facilitate this process.

What does Cardinity provide exactly? 

Cardinity is a licensed payment institution registered on Visa and MasterCard networks. This gives us the opportunity to provide our payment services to a variety of clients. First of all, we function as a payment gateway which makes card payments possible in an online shop. We also open merchant accounts where payments received from customers are transferred to until reaching merchants’ bank accounts.

We always strive to keep our services up to date with the pace of modern life and latest technologies as well as be a perfect payment solution for businesses and sole proprietors. That is why we implemented some beneficial features: recurring billing for subscription services, one-click purchases, and mobile payments. Stay tuned for more to come.

We have been in the payments industry for more than 10 years, and have accumulated considerable experience in working with European merchants. We know what problems they might face or questions they might have. This stimulated us to share our experience and knowledge with you by creating this blog.

Feel free to read, share and feel like home!

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