recommendations for e-businesses

Advice for E-Businesses During the Coronavirus Outbreak

2020 March 17 E-Commerce

In this blog post, you can find some essential recommendations for e-businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. You have probably already noticed the impressive growth of online sales due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). People are more inclined to buy online than in stores at the moment. This can be a prosperous time for ...

travel business merchant

Travel Business Merchant Account: the Essentials

2020 February 27 Chargebacks E-Commerce Payments

The travel industry has been on a rise for decades, but have you ever wondered what is the reason behind it? One of the explanations could be that the world is getting more and more open as globalisation has reached almost every corner of the planet. That means travelling has become more accessible for the ...

A Quick Guide for Online Dating Merchants

2020 February 4 E-Commerce Payments

As everyday life shifts more and more into the online world, dating has travelled to the web as well. Nowadays, finding a date on an app/website is more common than meeting someone “the old-fashioned way”. There is plenty of different types of dating-related websites/apps, but some of them could be quite ambiguous offering misleading services. ...

credit card processing

How Card Processing Works: Payment Flow Explained

2019 November 19 E-Commerce Payments

You go to the checkout, enter your card details, and, voilà, your order is on the way to you. However, the process that looks so easy from the customers’ perspective is actually very elaborate. This blog post explains card processing in a simplified way. In order to accept payments from customers, an online shop needs a payment gateway, ...

accept card payments

Why Online Businesses Should Accept Card Payments

2019 November 8 E-Commerce Payments

An online business without card payments is like a car with three wheels – it does not run properly. Your e-shop might not last long only with bank transfers and cash on delivery while your competitors accept card payments. So, you should not hesitate to implement this option in your e-shop as well. The main reasons ...

mistakes to avoid in e-commerce

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an E-Commerce Business

2019 May 14 E-Commerce

If you are just a newbie in e-commerce business, starting an online shop might seem rather difficult from the first glance. Especially, if it’s your first project and you don’t have enough experience in this new field. That is why we decided to help you out and share the list of the five most common ...

A Five Step Guide to Starting E-commerce Business

2019 May 7 E-Commerce

The topic of e-commerce is becoming more and more popular in various types of media: you can attend a number of e-commerce seminars and conferences, read blogs or watch videos giving insights or advice on selling online/having an online shop. It is also noticeable that many physical stores are making their way into the online ...

How to protect your online shop

How to Protect Your Online Shop? 11 Crucial Steps

As an online merchant, you are supposed to ensure your customers’ data protection when they are making payments in your online shop. As more buyers tend to purchase goods and services on the internet, more possibilities of cyber crime appear. Your responsibility is to take all the necessary measures to protect your online shop, prevent ...

Christmas ideas to attract customers

9 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Win More Customers

2018 November 26 E-Commerce Other

CHRISTMAS is around the corner! You can feel it in the atmosphere just by looking at the storefronts. During November and December shoppers usually look for Christmas ideas and gifts. So why won’t you help them find the best Christmas decorations and presents online by offering your products? You may be thinking how to motivate ...